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I’m Smarter Than Everyone Else (Foundation for Economic Education)

“It’s a sickness,” said a friend of mine who until recently was an elected official in our city. “It sets in after you’re elected the first time, or maybe even when you’re running for office.” That sickness is “thinking you’re smarter than everyone else.”

My friend made this statement after reading in our local paper that a newly elected  member of the city council had questioned an entrepreneur’s decision to open a new outdoor multi-unit storage facility in our town. The councilman, a Republican, said that according to his “investigation,” the facility is not needed in that neighborhood.

The extent of the councilman’s “investigation” was to ask the owners of nearby storage facilities how business was going. Since none was at 100 or even 90 percent capacity, the councilman reasoned that another facility would be a waste of resources in that part of town.

Just two months into his first term, this councilman had already caught the “sickness” of believing he knows best.”  (Click here for the rest of the article)

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